Top Five Burger Places In Boston

top 5 restaurants in bostonBoston has some amazing places to grab a burger, so whether you prefer to eat at a chain restaurant or whether you’re looking for something a little bit more unique, you’re sure to find something to suit your palate. There are low budget, traditional options, where you can get a classic burger and fries with no frills but plenty of flavor, or alternatively, you can push the boat out and get a luxury prime cut burger, with a plethora of fancy toppings. Here is a quick guide to five of the best burger joints that Boston has to offer.

 Back Bay Social Club

If you’re feeling flush and can’t wait to taste a burger that is well worth its $23 price tag, head to the Back Bay Social Club on Boylston Street. Although this doesn’t technically count as a burger place since it serves a varied menu that includes pastas, pizzas, steaks and seafood classics, it’s the Social Burger that customers can’t get enough of. Made from  grass fed black Angus 45 day dry aged ribeye beef and short rib, this 10 ounce patty is topped with luxurious caramelized onion, aged Vermont cheddar and Grillo’s pickles, all served with fries – if you have room.

Tasty Burger

Virtually next door to the Back Bay Social on Boylston Street, Uburger Boston common serves up a host of delicious offerings at a much more affordable price. Taking its inspiration from iconic institutions like Five Guys and Shake Shack, this restaurant may not be gourmet, but it offers a more hand-made version of fast food. All made from certified natural beef which hasn’t been fed any hormones, this restaurant takes pride in its sustainably sourced products and green practices, so you can enjoy your food with a clear conscience.

Flat Patties

When juicy fat and impressive beefy flavor is what you seek, Flat Patties is the joint for you. A close second to In-N-Out Burger in California, these delicious patties are pressed flat on a griddle and then are served up in squishy, wide buns topped with a tangy, sweet sauce. Affordably amazing.

Mr Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers

If you love to eat surrounded by kitsch memorabilia, you’ve come to the right place. Juicy, thick burgers and frappes to match are standard fare at this institution in Harvard Square, and with 30 options to choose from, all taking their names from various well known celebrities, you’ll be spoiled for choice – if you can get through the lunchtime crush!

Grass Fed

Fancy a standard burger in a bun? Great, no problem. Fancy something a little more exotic? How does spicy avocado spread with mesclun, pepperjack, red onion and cilantro limo mayo sound? From the traditional to the contemporary, there’s a burger to suit everyone here served up with either classic fries or beet fries for those of an adventurous disposition. What’s not to like?

Try one of these amazing Boston burger places and indulge in one of the nation’s favorite meals!

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