The Black Pearl: Rum and Root Beer

Rum and Root Beer was an accidental creation of BayCon. I was invited in for a mandatory drink by and old acquaintance. He had Meyers Rum but no Coke. So I grabbed the closed thing I could find — Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer.

This proved to be the most fortuitous accident of my drinking life. Root Beer complements rum much more cleanly than Coke. It also works well with spiced rum.

Mike has been present for many experiments with the Rum and Root Beer. We’ve varied both ingredients up and down the scale. Rums include Captain Morgan, Captain Morgan Tattoo, Captain Morgan Silver, Whalers, and Sailor Jerry. Root beers have included Weinhard’s, IBC, Jones, Hansen’s, Mug, A&W, and the favorite, Virgil’s.

Virgil’s and Captain Morgan Tattoo has been cited as the best combination.

Ratios vary, but with a sweet rum 2 parts Root Beer to 1 part rum works. Add more root beer as your taste suits.

Now that we have the recipe completed, we’ve designated a name fitting this delight other than it’s constituent ingredients. I think “The Black Pearl” is perfect for this one.

Rum and Root Beer

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